A father’s role in raising a daughter is just as important as a mother’s. Only with the involvement of both parents in her upbringing can a girl develop harmoniously. However, men frequently struggle to understand their role in this process. They lack the instinct that would tell you how to interact with a child. Meanwhile, a father’s role in raising a daughter is critical at all stages of her life.

Respect your wife- The daughter’s femininity is shaped by how much the father values these characteristics in his wife. Psychologists advise fathers of daughters to be gentle with their wives, not to swear in front of their children, to compliment her, and to be attentive to requests. All of this has a significant impact on the formation of the right type of relationship in your daughter’s future family.

Learn to listen without judgment- Communication with the daughter is an important part of developing relationships with the father. The girl will most likely want to tell you about her school or kindergarten life, her friends, and her first experience communicating with boys. As if you were best friends, converse with the little princess. A half-hour of active listening per day can ensure your daughter’s trust for many years.

Help When Needed- It is essential for a girl to be able to fully rely on a man in any situation. In most cases, simply listening to her will suffice. However, there are times when you must take action. If your daughter is being bullied at school, protect her or offer to assist her if you can solve her problems. Inquire about your daughter’s emotions- Girls should express their feelings to their father.

Daughters, on the whole, share their feelings in conversation and through their stories, but they can be shy at times. “How do you feel about this?” questions can help here. Such emotional independence from the father provides the daughter with protection and inner confidence. Allow her to feel and worry; she occasionally cries and acts out. A happy family future is guaranteed for a girl who knows how to openly talk about her emotions to a man from childhood.

By Mariam

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