Adorable! A two-month-old boy speaks for the first time!

This baby’s incredible achievement breaks all previous records. This is a memory his parents will cherish—and it’s all on video!

When Mom and Dad turned on the camera, they had no idea their two-month-old son would say his first words. After all, it is still early!

Mom begins by encouraging the infant. «Come on, you’ve earned the right! » «I know you want to talk,» she coos, and he clearly listens.

At first, he remains silent. He lights up the room when he sees his parents, making them laugh and filling their (and our) hearts with love. Dad is surprised when he finally uses the word and can’t help but respond!

The tiny one says «Mom» not once, but three times. There’s a little more babble in between as he attempts to figure out what he’s saying, but it’s still adorable.

Because newborns are supposed to speak for the first time much later in life, this two-month-old may have just set a new record. One thing is certain: he’s a stunning young prodigy!