One of the most attractive women on the earth is this Ella Gross, who goes by the name.

She came from a mixed-race family.

Her mother is a native Korean who immigrated to the country, and the girl’s father is a purebred German.

Ella’s younger brother resembles her father more than she does.

However, the girl herself went to her mother looking stunning.

The same dark skin tone, luxuriant hair, and slanted eyes.

Even though the girl’s mother herself could have been a model, she decided to manage her kid instead.

Ella loves advertising; they have been employing her since she was two.

The girl lacks childhood since she works full-time.

She does photography and flights all the time.

She doesn’t have a minute to spare, and furthermore, the girl has previous filmmaking experience.

Many people attribute the girl’s mother’s lack of childhood to her.

The mother argues, however, that one can only succeed via hard effort.

Ella has known this since she was a young child.

It is interesting that in such cases only moms are blamed and nobody speaks about fathers.

And what do you think about the children who lose their childhood due to their career?

By Mariam

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