The One Voice Children’s Choir appeared on Season 9 of America’s Got Talent. The judges eliminated him in the quarterfinals. The One Voice Children’s Choir, which has 100 members, began as the 2002 Winter Olympics Children’s Choir, a volunteer children’s choir formed to promote the 19th Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. “It Just Takes Love,” their title song, was included on the album Light Up the Land: A Commemorative CD of the Olympics 2002.

Many members of the choir took part in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies as Children of the Light. The children of the Children’s Choir of the Winter Olympics wanted to continue singing together after the 2002 Winter Olympics and the extinguishing of the Olympic flame. Masa Fukuda, conductor and composer of It Just Takes Love, received assistance from supportive parents in establishing the One Voice Children’s Choir as a non-profit organization in response to the children’s wishes.

The One Voice Children’s Choir is made up of children aged four to seventeen from northern Utah’s Wasatch Front, Park City, and Heber Valley. The choir meets all year and performs over 50 concerts per year.

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