After failing on his first attempt, a man in a wheelchair amazes the judges with his incredible act…

Extreme America’s Got Talent is not for the faint of heart. Wheelz from Las Vegas received a golden buzzer after failing to perform a dangerous stunt while seated in his wheelchair for the second time.

Aaron Wheelz, 29, is a wheelchair motocross competitor who auditioned for AGT: Extreme to attempt a “Ramp dropping into 40 ft. front flip.” This stunt is difficult even for someone who is not disabled. It is especially difficult for someone who has a disability, especially one that is debilitating like “Spina Bifida.”

Spina Bifida occurs when a baby’s backbone does not fully develop. “Spina Bifida has always been a part of my life,” Aaron explained further. I’ve had 23 surgeries to date. Before I started using a wheelchair, I was using crutches.” “Growing up with a disability, there’s always this push that you should walk,” he added. Using a wheelchair almost always means you’ve given up.”