Being a father entails a slew of unexpected responsibilities. You must be involved and stoop to their level in addition to keeping your children safe and fed. This means playing with them and doing things that you don’t normally do. This can be especially difficult for fathers who have daughters and believe they are too “masculine” to do what their daughters want.

Fortunately, Josh Rinder, the father in this father-daughter story, is not one of them. Every year, as anyone who watches the Today Show knows, the famous dad-daughter dance competition is held. As part of the competition, the show creates a hashtag and encourages dads and daughters all over the country to submit their best dance videos. Of course, the winner of the competition receives a plethora of prizes. Despite the fact that there are always many strong competitors, one pair stood out. In one video, a father and daughter danced to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” which went viral.

Applause warms up Rinder and his six-year-old daughter Audrey as the song begins. The daughter is dressed in a cute pink dress, and the father is dressed to match in pink plaid pants. When the rhythm picks up, the two begin to perform adorable and amazing choreographed moves! There’s a lot of jumping, hip shaking, and shaking, with a few dabs thrown in for good measure.

By Mariam

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