Most women consider giving birth to be a private experience in which their husbands, close family members, and especially older children should not participate.

Catherine Cook, a resident of the US, disagrees.

She chose a partner birth and also wanted her daughter Kayla, then 10, to be there for her at this critical time.

By the way, the girl’s mother as well as the physicians were astounded by her response and emotions.

Catherine, who was expecting her third child, was certain that her husband would be there to see the delivery.

She even invited a professional photographer to document this responsible and amazing event.

However, Paulina Splechtu’s husband Cook was not the only family member present when baby Everly was born.

The doctors and the photographer worried about how a 10-year-old child might behave in such an unusual situation.

After all, childbirth itself is an unpredictable process, when even experienced fathers and doctors can panic.

But it went even better than they expected.

Kayla maintained her composure throughout the birth, stayed by her mother’s side constantly, and offered moral support.

And at the most vital time, she even directly assisted in the delivery of her newborn sister (under the strict supervision of skilled medical professionals).

When Kayla first saw her little sister, she wasn’t afraid—quite the opposite, she was ecstatic.

And a 10-year-old girl’s facial expressions spoke for themselves in terms of the feelings that others witnessed.

“ Kayla genuinely started crying at the conclusion due to the emotions that overcame her.

Her feelings were astounding.

The photographer adds, “Before that, I had never seen (and even more so shot) anything like this.

By Mariam

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