When he learns the baby is named after him, the grandfather weeps.

When Mike Sheff, 63, entered to see his daughter Jessie Way at the Henrico Doctors Women’s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia, he had no idea what to anticipate. When he and his wife, Julie, 63, saw the infant son, Jesse, Julie at once saw a name tag: Michael Sheff Way. In addition to giving her child the name Michael, Jessie also gave him the middle name Sheff, which was her maiden name before she and her sister got married.

Jessie, 33, wanted to preserve the name, though, and when Julie recommended that Mike read the tag, the idea immediately took fire. Baby Michael, according to Jessie, was delivered a few days early; hence, she and her 35-year-old husband Barrett kept the name a secret until her parents from Oxford, Ohio, arrived.

Although this incident occurred in October 2019, Jessie didn’t post a video of Michael’s response to it on social media until recently. Mike’s touching answer went viral right after, and the post has now been viewed more than 11 million times. After observing their response, Jessie remarked, “I had no question that our son had the ideal name.