Mackenzie Strong, an American, has an uncommon appearance since she is albino.

People with this condition have snow-white hair, skin, and eyes that are overly sensitive to light.

The girl was photographed with her eyes closed for a long period because any bright light source, let alone the flash, causes her distress.

But everyone was curious to see what hue the odd girl’s eyes were.

Mackenzie also decided to take a couple selfies, allowing everyone to see her in all her glory.

Internet users were taken aback because albinos have red eyes, while Mackenzie had purple!

They look stunning when paired with snow-white skin and hair.

It’s just stunning.

The girl acknowledges that her favorite feature of her appearance is the color of her eyes.

This adds to its uniqueness.

It’s a shame she can’t keep her eyes open for lengthy periods of time, let alone pose for the cameras while doing so.

We wish this lovely lady the best of luck.

The most important thing is that she is constantly in good health.

By Mariam

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