Whether or not they will become famous, every child is unique. After all, every parent believes that their child is the most adorable, intelligent, talented, and loving kid the world has ever seen. Because love can cloud our judgment, we also know that parents are more than just biased.

But what if your child really has something special? Are stars created, or are they the result of chance and coincidence? It’s difficult to discern anything particularly noteworthy from these pictures of celebrities as infants (at least not more so than any other child). Yes, they are endearing, but what sets them apart?

Some of these (future famous children) were born with genius, which will manifest itself even before they are old enough to wear diapers. Others will need rigorous oversight, training, and parents who are committed to perfecting their trade. And for many of the celebrities on this list, it appeared as though the Disney Channel had made them famous.

By Mariam

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