While reciting her ABCs, this adorable baby can’t stop laughing at her father.

When they are young, all children think their fathers are amusing. This little baby girl finds her father to be so amusing that she can’t stop laughing while they practice her ABCs. She has a constant and contagious fit of laughter. Who knew the letters “M” and “W” could be so amusing?

When a father practices the ABCs with his daughter, she cannot help but laugh. She thinks her father is so amusing with his constantly switching “M”s and “W”s that she has an uncontrollable fit of laughter — one that, if you watch long enough, becomes contagious.

I am confident that this is an excellent method for teaching the alphabet to young toddlers. She is not only learning the letters, but she is also associating the concept of learning with something positive. She will remember these times with her father with a smile, if not a laugh.