If you thought architecture couldn’t be natural, Javier Senosiain is here to prove you wrong.

The hilly countryside near Mexico City provided the ideal setting for Javier’s magnificent house, which resembled a peanut.

This house is almost invisible in this area, which is surrounded by green dunes and beautiful trees.

It was built in 1984, and it was considered far ahead of its time at the time.

The house blends so seamlessly into its surroundings that if you go for a walk in the garden, you may find yourself walking on the roof of the house without even realizing it.

That’s the genius of the concept: the architect was able to use natural shapes to create houses shaped like a snake, a mushroom, a shark, and even flowers.

The organic house is shaped like a peanut shell and is quite large.

It has two oval spaces linked by a narrow passage.

One compartment is intended for privacy and can be used at night, while the other is bright and used for public purposes.

Although the interior appears to be a cave, it actually has a large window that overlooks a lush green landscape.

The house’s purpose, according to Javier, was physiological cleansing.

With so much pollution and stress in the world, this house in a beautiful green area could serve as a rejuvenating seaside resort.

The interiors have been cooled, and the house has been shielded from the sun, noise, and dust.

If you need to unwind, this is the place to be.

Stairs lead to the bedrooms, which are slightly darker to aid sleeping.

Aside from that, this semi-built-in house is quite sunny and has adequate ventilation systems.

It is ideal for human use and can resemble a cave, an igloo, or something ancient, prehistoric, and built by the ancestors.

However, you will have the impression that it is a masterpiece.

By Mariam

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