Why the good-looking mom stopped posting photos after being chastised for appearing young

Kienya Booker, a woman, recently posted a provocative photo on her Instagram account. More specifically, a collage – on one, the distinction between her and her daughters is clear, but on the second… A mother and her daughters are indistinguishable in this scene.

This one keeps no secrets and uploads numerous joint photos so that everyone is convinced – here is the mother and here are the daughters. But it’s not difficult to believe because they look so similar.

Someone began to inquire about Kienya’s evening bath in the fountain of youth. Others, in large numbers, turned out to be vicious, causing a flood of vile criticism.

Accusations that she used other people’s children or even her college friends in a phony photo shoot. Kieniya realized she had opened Pandora’s box from the incorrect end.

And after a crowd of Internet detractors found out about her little son, she completely decided to focus only on work and no longer make provocative collages. But she lives very happily with her daughters, enjoys life and does not pay attention to the bad guys.