The mother of seven children is befuddled by her daughters. How to Look 20 When You’re 45

The Anslow family lives in America, where their seven children are raised. Looking at their family members, it’s difficult to find a mom. How did this incredible woman keep her shape after carrying children and giving birth?

Our heroine’s name is Jessica, and she claims that after the birth of her first child, Alicia, she nearly went into depression due to her weight gain. She eventually gathered her courage and began participating in sports.

She began exercising again after the second child was born and quickly recovered. She did simple exercises and worked out on a treadmill at their house when their fifth and sixth children were born, never leaving the house. She devised her own diet and set of physical exercises.

The woman now works out at least twice a week and, of course, eats well. It’s difficult to believe that we have two girls who are 20 years apart in age. Jessica is deserving of respect because she has set a good example not only for her family but also for women all over the world.

Now Jessica maintains her blog on Instagram, which has more than 230,000 subscribers. She gives practical advice on how to achieve such an appearance and stays in shape. Women, who have little ones and want to be fit like our heroine Jessica, follow her blog and her advice.