Famous albino twins’ difficult life. What they are doing and how they are living today

Rosemary and Christina Alubankudi are complete twins who are also albinos. They are 24 years old. Despite growing up in New York, the sisters are still struggling in life. The Internet and social networks were their source of joy.

The chances of having a child with a deviation in the concentration of melanin pigment, which causes tissue “fading,” are quite high, 1:17,000. However, complete albinism, even in identical twin sisters, is already the rarest rarity.

As a result, society does not fully comprehend how it treats them, and the Alubankudi sisters’ problems are automatically multiplied.

For example, they were mocked from the school bench. As a result, the girls avoided their peers, which harmed their future communication skills. Things have improved since their admission to university; they have found themselves in a diverse environment where people with very diverse characteristics are accepted.

Girls’ eyes are sensitive to light, they have poor vision, and glasses are ineffective.

People are offended because the sisters frequently fail to notice who is waving to them at the end of the corridor. They are uncomfortable in the sun, the path to the beach is closed, and many outdoor activities for teenagers all contribute to the twins’ cultural and social isolation.

Christina and Rosemary had been bothered by the faceless appearance since childhood, so they fell in love and quickly mastered the science of dressing beautifully and flashily.

And this skill is becoming increasingly important for girls today, as they enter the fashion industry, design clothes, and work as models and stylists. Fortunately, the work’s results can be viewed remotely via the Internet, and it turned out that there were many fans of unusual beauty.

There are no longer uniform standards of beauty and style icons in the modern world; instead, diversity is available and interesting. Now that the entire world is connected in one network, there will always be an enthusiastic critic and a captivated admirer.