Babies are having a good time with their fathers….

Many fathers’ involvement in their children’s upbringing is complicated by work responsibilities and the need to financially provide for the family. It’s difficult to ignore sky-high mortgages and jobs that demand a significant investment of time and energy. Dads provide their children with a wealth of truly meaningful experiences and opportunities, which our society is gradually recognizing and appreciating.

I marveled at his father’s energy and ability as I watched Tom laugh as his father chased him around the backyard, past the old lemon tree, and under the table, only to be knocked down and spun around when he was caught. Few would argue that mothers and fathers play differently with their children.

You can read the study or, as I frequently do, simply observe parents playing with their children in the playground or backyard. Dads are much more likely to engage in rough play, play ‘chase,’ give children ‘whistles,’ toss children into the air and catch them on the way down, and generally mess around with their children.

Mothers, on the other hand, are more likely to sit in the sandbox, push swings, organize water games, do arts and crafts, read books, and generally organize play activities that keep their children active while they do housework! Of course, both moms and dads do a lot more, but I think you can see the difference – dads are much more energetic in their treatment of me!

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Babies are having a good time with their fathers….
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