Boy Saves Dying Mother Using CPR Lesson from Teacher

Demetri Meram, a young boy, has gained news for saving his mother’s life. Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Barnes-Wallace, Demetri’s teachers, deserve credit for his brave efforts. CPR lessons were not part of the school curriculum, but these teachers recognized their importance and asked the school board if they could include them.

They began teaching it to 6th and 7th kids after receiving permission. Mrs. Patterson believed her third-grade class was capable of handling it, so she taught them as well. Mrs. Patterson constantly lectured Demetris’s class, “Any CPR is good CPR.”

Demetri’s mother was loading him and his brothers into the car a few months later when the van door slammed into her skull. She said she was OK and returned to the house to gather the final few items for their outing. Demetri followed her in and discovered she had fainted on the floor and was bleeding from the head. This gallant young man leapt into action, performing chest compressions.

When his father discovered them, he immediately dialed 911. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His small son valiantly performing CPR astounded him. When the paramedics arrived, they expressed gratitude to Demetris for his efforts. They claimed that if it hadn’t been for his quick thinking, his mother would not have survived.

The Today Show heard about Demetri’s story and surprised him and his family with a trip to Lego Land. To honor the teachers, they were surprised with $2500 for the school and themselves in addition to a resort vacation. Mrs. Barnes-Wallace said it best,”I don’t think he realizes the impact he had, I think his mom knows.” Teachers truly can truly change lives and in this rare case, save them too.

WATCH: Third-Grader Saves His Mom Using CPR

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Boy Saves Dying Mother Using CPR Lesson from Teacher
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