Brothers With Autism Make Epic Impressions On The Judges

With their spot-on and entertaining impressions, these autistic brothers have everyone amazed, including the America’s Got Talent judges!

Have you ever heard a perfect imitation of Simon Cowell singing You Will Be Found? How about Kermit the Frog performing Tiny Dancer? The Brown brothers will astound you with their epic impressions and many more.

In fact, these autistic brothers received a standing ovation, and all four judges advanced them to the next round of America’s Got Talent.

The Brown Brothers Demonstrate Their Skill
Okay, so these guys can do impersonations, but they can also sing and play instruments. What’s even more remarkable is how they explain what it means to be a high functioning autistic person. Some people on the spectrum simply have difficulty understanding or reading social situations and interactions. Despite their autism, Gabriel and Nate Brown wowed the judges with their talent.

The brothers with autism said it was nerve-racking not only to be on stage and on TV, but also because they didn’t know which of the 576 impressions and songs they would be performing. They shuffled the cards and distributed them to the judges. What happened next was a blessing of pure, raw, and enjoyable talent! Who wouldn’t want to hear a flawless rendition of Tears Of Jupiter followed by SpongeBob’s rendition?

The pair had only hoped to impress the judges. Instead, they won the hearts of everyone on and off the set of America’s Got Talent. Gabriel and Nate are living proof that no matter how we are created, we are all created for God’s glory. They not only accepted their autism, but they blew through the barriers and exceeded everyone’s expectations. We hope this viral video brightens your day and puts a smile on your face.

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