‘America’s Got Talent’
A teen from ‘America’s Got Talent’ with a “superhuman” voice has won the Golden Buzzer… 🎥VIDEO
Sarah James, a thirteen-year-old singer, has a voice, stage presence, and personality. With his incredible
‘America’s Got Talent’
On AGT, the Japanese pop music sensation performs “Party Up Like Crazy.”
‘America’s Got Talent’ knows how to keep TV viewers entertained with incredible acts.
‘America’s Got Talent’
After failing on his first attempt, a man in a wheelchair amazes the judges with his incredible act…
Extreme America’s Got Talent is not for the faint of heart. Wheelz from Las Vegas received a golden
‘America’s Got Talent’
They don’t mind the cold because their vocals are on fire in this modern Disney hit… VIDEO
The One Voice Children’s Choir appeared on Season 9 of America’s Got Talent. The judges eliminated
‘America’s Got Talent’
AGT Judges Give Standing Ovation to Singer With Speech Impairment
Amanda Mammana, a 19-year-old singer with a speech impediment, receives a standing ovation from the judges
‘America’s Got Talent’
Simon is unable to stop laughing! Jordan Conley’s Audition is Hilarious…
Jordan Conley is a comedian from America’s Got Talent Season 17. America’s Got Talent is
‘America’s Got Talent’
When Sara James performs Elton John’s “Rocket Man,” AGT gives birth to a star.
The competition for the top spot on America’s Got Talent continued, with 11 finalists.
‘America’s Got Talent’
Golden Buzzer: Taekwondo Team Astounds Judges With Breathtaking Performance
On Tuesday night’s America’s Got Talent auditions, the Olympic tryouts World Taekwondo Demonstration
‘America’s Got Talent’
Until she proves she sounds exactly like the singer, Simon rolls his eyes at the Céline Dion-loving girl.
Simon Cowell has a reputation for being a severe, outspoken judge on prestigious talent competitions.
‘America’s Got Talent’
A young boy and girl take the stage for an incredible ‘Footloose’ performance that has the judges’ heads spinning.
A young boy and girl take the stage for an incredible ‘Footloose’ performance that has the