CGT’s Golden Buzzer goes to breathtaking acrobatic gymnasts.

Acrobatic Gymnastics is not a popular sport in Canada. But that’s about to change thanks to the latest episode of ‘Canada’s Got Talent.’ Mila, 15, and Theo, 18, took to the stage to defy gravity!

The pair tells the judges that they want the sport to get more attention. Mila and Theo adore their coaches, who have been there for them through thick and thin.

They’ve been training together since they were kids. When asked why they enjoy Acrobatic Gymnastics, Mila says, “You’re never alone, and there’s always someone there for you.”

Howie jokes that he should have done gymnastics instead of comedy because he was always alone in comedy. The audience laughs, and Mila and Theo tell Howie that their ultimate dream is to work for Cirque du Soleil one day.

The acrobatics begin as the song ‘Never Enough’ from ‘The Greatest Showman’ begins. The moves require a lot of strength and focus. Mila is held by Theo at one point while standing in his hands. Theo then launches her into the air, where she flips, and he catches Mila while she’s standing.

They have the wow factor. The judges are stunned at their acrobatics. Another amazing move involves Theo holding his arms straight up and Mila launching into a handstand on top of his arms. Then, Theo holds her up in the handstand position while doing his own split. It is unreal to witness.

Judge Lilly Singh exclaims, ‘Let me just say Dang! Your head was very close to the ground!’ Judge Trish says, ‘I knew that there would be something so special, and I unequivocally know that this moment is right now!’ Then she elbow-smashing the ‘Golden Buzzer.’ Everyone celebrates the fantastic duo’s efforts and success!

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CGT’s Golden Buzzer goes to breathtaking acrobatic gymnasts.
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