Couple from Ohio celebrating 79 years of marriage at nearly 100 years old reveals their secret.

One Ohio couple just celebrated their 79th wedding anniversary and their 100th birthday together! Discuss many fantastic achievements that you may all share!

In July 1922, Hubert and June Malicote were both born. July 13 saw the birth of June, while July 23 saw the arrival of Hubert. They both grew up in a small Kentucky town, but they didn’t run across one another until they came to Ohio in search of employment.

The two churchgoers initially became acquaintances before they fell in love. However, when their friendship developed into love, the couple decided to wed and were wed on June 8, 1943. Soon after, they were forced to spend two years apart while Hubert was serving in Hawaii with the Navy during World War II.

Following Hubert’s return from the war, the couple in Hamilton, Ohio built a lovely life together and produced three children. Seven grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren are now part of their legacy!

This year, Hubert and June are commemorating their 100th birthdays on their lawn with a celebration and a church ceremony. And their enduring love and faith have served as a rock throughout their 79 years of marriage.

We’ve never gotten into a fight, Hubert claimed. “We’ve never gotten into a fight. Although we didn’t have a perfect life, we never did anything to damage each other. You might need to take a few minutes to leave if there is a dispute.

And even after so many years of marriage, Hubert and June still prioritize spending time together. Each night, they have dinner and watch a movie together. Before bed, they kiss.

What an adorable and enduring love these two have! Hubert and June’s union is blessed by God.

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Couple from Ohio celebrating 79 years of marriage at nearly 100 years old reveals their secret.
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