Cutest way possible: Baby is approving of mom’s new hair color.

Babies are sweet and their reactions are equally adorable. When they encounter something new for the first time, these tiny creatures frequently react innocently. A parent recently witnessed his little son’s naive response when he noticed something new about his mother.

The child, Auguste, and his father, Collin, were standing at the doorway waiting for his mother. Kristan, Auguste’s mother, had visited Jacquelyn Marie Hastings, a hairdresser, to have her hair dyed for a Pravana contest.

Auguste flashed his mother a beautiful smile when he first spotted her stepping out of the car. He immediately stopped grinning when he realized his mother was different.

He noticed that his mother’s hair had a different color after giving it serious attention. The child grinned as if he enjoyed the change as soon as he realized this reality. He got to his feet and moved over to his mother, reaching out as if he wanted to touch her new hairstyle.

In order for her son to see the new hair color up close, Kristan scooped him up. The child was questioned by Collin about his opinion of the new hair color. In response, Auguste grinned and presented a timid appearance. He undoubtedly favored the new hair color, though.

For a brief while, Kristan worried that her son would cry. She was pleasantly delighted, though, to see her son grinning at her. Kristan also asked her spouse if he liked the hue, and he gave a favorable response.

Soon after, the couple headed inside, where Kristan gave her kid a clearer glimpse of her new hair color. Auguste continued to stare in astonishment at his mother while sometimes flashing his adorable and innocent smile.

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Cutest way possible: Baby is approving of mom’s new hair color.
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