Dad Shaves Daughter’s Head After She Makes Fun of and Pulls a Cancer Classmate’s Wig

After a teenage girl made fun of her cancer-stricken classmate’s baldness, her father decided to punish her. The girl was unprepared for the punishment, and her father was unprepared for the backlash after posting about it on Reddit.

Being bullied as a child shatters one’s confidence and causes anxiety in the presence of others. Children are typically bullied at school by their peers, who disparage them based on their physical appearance, personality, or possessions.

With the increased use of social media, children are also bullied online, which has a long-term psychological impact. The girl in today’s story bullied her classmate without realizing her father would ask her to choose her own punishment.

MasterOfGamepipoca, a Redditor, took to the AITA forum in 2019 to confess what he did to his teenage daughter after discovering she bullied a girl at school.

Before getting into the meat of the story, the man revealed that his daughter’s mother was now his ex-wife. Because he was the primary caregiver for his daughter, he did not consult with his ex before punishing her.

The man, like other parents, wanted the best for his adolescent daughter. He punished her in order to teach her a lesson. The man sought advice from Reddit because he believed his punishment was excessive. “My daughter was recently involved in a problem at school,” the worried father explained.

The man’s daughter had a falling out with one of her classmates. Their disagreement stemmed from the fact that the OP’s (Original Poster’s) daughter was dating the ex-boyfriend of the other girl. After learning about their relationship, the girl made an inappropriate remark that irritated OP’s daughter.

One day, OP’s daughter bullied the girl because she was bald after undergoing cancer treatment. She made fun of her in front of other students, tarnishing her reputation. OP said:

“My daughter even removed the wig from another girl.”

When OP learned that his daughter had bullied a girl with cancer at school, he demanded an explanation from her. Nothing she said could justify her behavior, but he wanted to know what was going on in his daughter’s head.

The adolescent girl justified her actions by claiming that a classmate had made disparaging remarks about her relationship with her boyfriend. After learning what his daughter had done, OP admitted he was “disgusted.” He continued:

“To make matters worse, my daughter showed no remorse about what she did and stated that the girl in question deserved it.”


According to OP, it didn’t matter what the other girl said to his daughter. He felt his daughter shouldn’t have humiliated the girl by pulling her wig.

The father presented his daughter with two options for punishment. The first option stated that he would seize all of her devices, including her phone, and prohibit her from using them.

If she chose the second option, she would have to have her hairdresser shave her head. The man offered the adolescent girl things she would never want to do. She had no other option but to choose a punishment for herself.


The man titled his Reddit post, “AITA for shaving my daughter’s hair for bullying a girl with cancer?” which implied that his daughter chose the latter option. He wrote a Reddit post to ask other users whether he did the right thing. Little did he know that majority of the Redditors would oppose his decision.

Redditor reginaphilangee1 felt OP was at fault for not paying attention to what the other girl did to his daughter. The Redditor highlighted that OP’s daughter might be standing up for herself, so he shouldn’t have punished her. The user added:

“Just because someone has cancer doesn’t mean they can’t be a bully too.”

Meanwhile, Redditor Ummah_Strong presented another argument to prove that OP was at fault, saying the man went too far with the punishment. The Reddit user said:

“Your daughter did something wrong but bullying her won’t teach her empathy.”

“The reaction was completely disproportionate,” Reddit user MinorSpider said. Another user also agreed that OP was at fault and that he shouldn’t have forced a haircut on his daughter because it might be “considered assault.” The Redditor also said OP shouldn’t have assumed that the girl with cancer was a “saint.”


The first advice for parents who learn their child is bullying others is that they should talk to their child to know what they are thinking. According to experts, asking them about what happened would allow them to confess they made a mistake.

It is also recommended that parents should ask their children if they think what they did was right. They should make their kid look at the situation from the bullied child’s perspective to help them realize bullying is a disrespectful act.

Instead of punishing their children, parents are advised to teach them how to deal with such a situation again. They should help them learn that bullying is a bad habit.

Most Redditors agreed that the man was at fault for punishing his daughter by shaving her head. What would you do if you were in his shoes? Do you think he did the right thing?

If you enjoyed reading this story, share it with other parents you know to educate them about this topic. It might help them become a better parent.

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Dad Shaves Daughter’s Head After She Makes Fun of and Pulls a Cancer Classmate’s Wig
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