Daughter Of Worship Leader Brings American Idol Judges To Tears With Original Song

For 18-year-old DJ Johnson, the daughter of a worship leader, performing on American idol was the chance of a lifetime. DJ’s performance of her original song “Scars” brought the judges to tears.

DJ Johnson, the sixth child in a family of ten, told the judges and audiences around the country about her childhood and how her mother recently abandoned them.

She gave a performance of “Scars,” a song she created herself to reflect the suffering she has experienced since her mother left their home.

DJ has always been passionate about music, and when she spoke about how her mother had disparaged her for it in the past, she was clearly unhappy.

In the American Idol studio, DJ was playing the piano and singing when she suddenly stopped in the middle of the song due to emotional reasons. Before she resumed her audition, the judges consoled her and Lionel gave her a handkerchief and had her father give her a hug.

Katy Perry responded calmly and continued singing “Scars” when Luke asked her if she wanted to sing another song. She indicated DJ Johnson needed to finish the song.

The judges applauded Katy Perry for adding, “Some of the greatest musicians become artists because they have suffered the most pain in their lives,” while she was wiping her own emotions as she watched Dj Johnson perform. “The question is whether you can channel your suffering into something positive. Continue to be brave.

All three judges gave the young woman a “yes,” and she has now proceeded to the next stage of the tournament.

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Daughter Of Worship Leader Brings American Idol Judges To Tears With Original Song
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