Despite being born an entire hour later, he grew older than his sibling. the reason

The Peterson family experienced an intriguing incident.

They had adorable boy twins as children.

But that wasn’t what everyone found so surprising.

An interesting story happened in the Peterson family.

They became the parents of twins — charming boys.

But that’s not what surprised everyone so much.

At 2.10 am on the same day, his brother Ronan awoke to the world.

And everything would be alright if the change from summer to winter did not occur on this day.

The time has been advanced by one hour on all the clocks in the area.

It turns out that legally Ronan’s birth did not happen at 2:10, but an hour earlier at 1:10, this is the time recorded in the birth certificate of the baby.

That’s how the older brother automatically became the younger one.

After being posted on the page of the maternity hospital where these guys were born, the news spread incredibly quickly.

“My husband unexpectedly remarked, “This is a puzzle. The mother of the boys chuckles, “And it took me a whole day to understand the explanation of this whole story.

The midwife, who has been working at the hospital for more than 40 years, and delivered Emily, said that this situation happened for the first time in her practice.

The boys were born healthy and without any abnormalities.

A joyful event took place in Massachusetts, at the Cape Cod Clinic. At the moment, the twins are at home, surrounded by parental care.

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Despite being born an entire hour later, he grew older than his sibling. the reason
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