During the adoption process, a teen’s speech warms the hearts of over 13 million people.

«Fate intervenes in some way. You find yourself with these kids, and they find themselves with you. It’s absolutely fantastic. Fostering is a difficult task for Nicole Kidman. Accept a child who is timid, shy, and sometimes emotionally scarred. You must do everything in your power to show this youngster that there are people who care about and love him.

It will then be time to let them go. It’s never easy, but it’s always a noble act of charity and love.

Sara Cozad and Stuart Shank fostered Dayshawn and his younger brother, Michael.

After a few years of being a family, the couple realized they were in a failed foster situation. They can’t bear the thought of losing these two amazing children.

His statements moved the judge and he welcomed them.

Dayshawn went on to say how much he adored Sara and Stuart and how thankful he was for his foster family. Of course, the judge was overjoyed to witness the boy’s joy.

She then inquired about Dayshawn and Michael’s willingness to commit to the adoption process.

Dayshawn’s reaction affected everyone, including Sara.

«I’m honored to be their son.» They’re pretty much the best thing I’ve ever had. If I could have anything in the world, it would be the ability to love these people for the rest of my life.

Sara burst into tears after hearing her sweet son’s heartfelt words.
Any parent would have had the same reaction. Dayshawn’s remarks were heartfelt, honest, and full of love and gratitude. It just goes to show how much this family adores their children. Dayshawn and Michael have without a doubt returned home.

In the video below, listen to this adolescent’s statement during the adoption process!

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During the adoption process, a teen’s speech warms the hearts of over 13 million people.
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