Every new delivery is greeted with “Happy Birthday” by this amazing doctor.

In Pittsburgh, there was a doctor who stood out and wasn’t like the others. Why was he unique? At Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Magee Hospital for Women, Dr. Kerry D. Andrew-Jaja is employed. He undeniably rejoices at the wonderful and miraculous event of the newborn baby’s birth.

“Face every meeting with a grin on your face and a song in your heart,” is the life motto of Dr. Andrew-Jaja. What effect does this have on the delivery room?

The motto of the doctor has been understood by new parents through a special experience. The moment a kid is born is incredibly joyful and thrilling, and it can be overwhelming for new parents to view their child for the first time. He lives up to his motto when he assists in the birth of a child. In fact, he wishes to inform everyone he encounters or enters this realm of that information.

Consider how he is able to spread happiness and joy. Dr. Carey and his colleagues wish the newborn “Happy Birthday” when they deliver a baby. A lovely birthday is celebrated by singing this song, which is performed all across the world on birthdays. What could be more organic and unique than singing this song about a child’s actual birth?

His motto is mostly shared with newborns as they begin their new lives with a song in their hearts. What does the fact that his song is the first one they hear have to do with him? This tradition began with her, but it gained popularity when the new parents, her staff, and the entire delivery room rushed in to sing along with them, joining their loved ones in enjoying this precious and unforgettable moment.

When their child is serenaded on their birthday, parents will undoubtedly remember it. This not only helps the infant and the doctor build a deep link, but it also helps the baby form a full bond with the mother. Normally, waiting for news in the delivery room is creepy, but this unexpected blast of melody adds a pleasant and lovely touch. Doctors, who participate in the festivities with their families, have pleasant feelings about this unusual ritual.

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Every new delivery is greeted with “Happy Birthday” by this amazing doctor.
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