Fathers and their children rarely work out together… VIDEO

Physical skills such as running, jumping, kicking, and throwing have advanced significantly by the time children are 3 to 5 years old. They will now work on improving these skills and applying them to learn more complex ones. Make the most of your child’s natural desire to be active. Regular physical activity encourages healthy growth and development, and learning new skills boosts self-esteem.

Preschoolers’ fitness. Preschoolers should be physically active during the day, move and participate in both active play and structured (adult-led) physical activity, and perform activities such as jumping, jumping, and acrobatics to strengthen their bones, according to the Physical Activity Guide.

Preschoolers should engage in a variety of fun and challenging physical activities that help them develop skills and coordination while not exceeding their abilities. Preschoolers should be active for about 3 hours per day, with activities ranging from light to moderate to vigorous.

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Fathers and their children rarely work out together… VIDEO
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