German Shepherd First Interacts with Puppies

The dog essentially stays with the puppies for the first 10 days following delivery. She cuddles up to them as they sleep, feeds them, and licks them. Sometimes you even have to use force to compel the dog to go for a walk. The loving mother promptly returns to the puppies after fast recovering.

This dog’s actions are typical. Because their ear canals and eyes are blocked at birth, newborn puppies are absolutely blind and deaf. Babies use their sense of smell to help them find their way, and they also naturally gravitate toward sources of heat. These skills enable the cubs to locate their own mother. In addition to nursing them, young puppies require a mother, and it is crucial that she keep them warm.

Because they lack the ability to regulate their body temperature, newborns cannot do so. The babies freeze in the purest meaning of the word if the mother does not warm them. Hypothermia can be disastrous for a puppy in its first few days of life since it will be impossible to warm it up and it will die.

Crowding is a congenital reflex that helps infants deal with the limitations of their own thermoregulation. The puppies become agitated without their mother, start to circle, and eventually gather in a single clump. For a brief period of time, this enables them to keep their body temperatures normal. However, because it is colder outside, puppies tend to huddle together. The babies whine sharply, feeling uncomfortable, and the mother comes back as soon as she can.

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German Shepherd First Interacts with Puppies
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