Guess who is who: the mother is 40 years old, and the daughters are 18 and 16 years old.

Kienia Booker, a 40-year-old mother of two adult daughters, decided to post several photos on Instagram, and the next morning she awoke famous.

The photo quickly spread across the Internet, but there was now a small comment underneath it: “Guess who’s mom here?”

Can you tell the difference between a 40-year-old Kienia and her 18-year-old and 16-year-old daughters? Let’s give it a shot!

It’s difficult to tell who the daughters are in the photo because they’re all adults.

As a result, social media users are still perplexed.

“Mother, sister, or daughter?” – Every user asks this question, and their brains literally boil in an attempt to find the correct answer.

Curiosity drove some to look for Kyenia’s Instagram, which featured a lot more joint photos, making it even more difficult to spot differences.

Someone inquired about the source of eternal youth, which Kienia keeps hidden in her backyard.

Others pelted Mom with angry remarks and comments, dumping a torrent of vile criticism on her.

But everyone noticed that Kienia was difficult to tell apart from her daughters.

Take note of the 20-year age difference between them!

She was accused of using Photoshop, taking photos of other people’s daughters or simply friends, lying about her age, and giving birth to girls at the age of 14.

Streams of criticism poured in.

And the woman realized that she had opened a “Pandora’s box” with her pictures.

After angry comments, Kienia, tired of proving something to people, decided simply not to post new provocative pictures.

The woman decided to focus on work and family.

After all, in addition to two adult girls, she had a little son.

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Guess who is who: the mother is 40 years old, and the daughters are 18 and 16 years old.
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