How the 10-year-old boy with gray hair looks today

Patricia Williams and her husband experienced a significant event in 2012 when their family grew to include a third child, Redd.

The doctors were astounded by the baby’s white hair as soon as he was born.

But it became clear over time that Redd has albinism.

Typically, such a gene mutation is passed down through families, and regardless of how distant or close they are, the important thing is that this gene is present.

As it turned out, their grandmother was the only one in their family who was a platinum blonde. Despite the fact that she had never admitted to being an albino, everything was obvious.

Grandma was the only one of her brothers and sisters with such white hair at the time of her birth.

Six years after Redd’s birth, another boy with the same hair color joined the family.

Both have albinism, which is only visible in the fact that they are blonde with normal eye and skin color.

Boys always have a lot of attention from people.

Some even want to take pictures with unusual babies.

Parents are only glad that society perceives their miracle children so well.

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How the 10-year-old boy with gray hair looks today
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