In A Japanese Climbing Gym, A Tortie Kitten What she had accomplished astounded me.

When you come across an animal, you may decide to bring it home with you. There are times, though, when the animal will come to you, whether at your home or at your workplace. There was a stray cat at our house who wanted to do the same thing. We would have been delighted to have her, but we already had a cat. When we petted her outside, she still liked it. The cat follows after that in this video. Her new home was, without a doubt, her choice.

Lalah is a tortie who lives on the Japanese island of Okinawa. She found a climbing gym to live in and was immediately captivated. Her motivation is the never-ending thrill of discovering a new way to scale a wall. She enjoys “assisting” others and racing up and down ladders. Her gym patrons adore her. Take a look at her… she’s very gorgeous! Why wouldn’t they fall in love with her? I’m sure she’s a good businesswoman.

Lalah climbing up the wall by hopping on various grips and footholds is so adorable. It’s more difficult than it appears! Even the most agile cat can have a few “uh-oh!” moments on the way up. Perhaps she could be utilized as a motivator for others who desire to climb the wall but are terrified of doing so. “Go up there and pet the kitty!” says the narrator. I would have been on that wall in a heartbeat if I had been present at the time.

Lalah enjoys staying active, which is a good thing. Even for a young kitty, it’s a lot of work! She takes a lot of rest in between climbing sessions. I hope I could do it with my work on occasion. Simply lie down and sleep. The only problem is that I might fall asleep in the middle of a project and miss a deadline. But, oh well. All I have to do now is remain awake. The people that work at the climbing location must be the largest beneficiaries of Lalah. Her charm, I’m sure, draws in more clients.

What did you think of Lalah? I could watch her climb all day, couldn’t you? I did a wall-climbing session once. My hands were SO tired by the end of it. Have you done it? Tell us your stories in the comments section below!

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In A Japanese Climbing Gym, A Tortie Kitten What she had accomplished astounded me.
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