In court, the drunk driver’s mother mocks the victim’s relatives. Everyone was taken aback by the judge’s remark.

Amanda Kosal sat in a tense courtroom, awaiting the judge’s judgment.

Amanda, from Redford Township, Michigan, was intoxicated when her car crossed the center line and collided with an oncoming SUV.

Jerome Zirker, 31, perished in the accident, and his fiancée, Brittany Johnson, 31, suffered serious injuries.

According to reports, Zirker had just picked up Johnson from the group home where she worked after her 12-hour shift. Their five children were typically with them, but that day they were at their grandmother’s house.

«Thank goodness they were at Grandma’s house, or it would have been all of us,» Johnson later told WDIV Local 4.

Amanda had pled guilty to driving while intoxicated and caused death.
She and the victims’ families were now awaiting the decision of Judge Qiana Lillard.

Nobody could have guessed how popular the next scenario would become.

While waiting for the serious ruling, a man in the courtroom is observed smiling and giggling.
Judge Qiana Lillard is furious, as one might expect.

«It’s time for him to go,» she states abruptly.

I’m not sure who he is, but anyone can come here at such a difficult time and make jokes and smile when someone has lost a family member… That clown—and that’s what I’m going to call him, a clown—sat there smiling and laughing throughout Mr. Zirker’s sister’s speech.

Amanda’s mother, on the other hand, appears to have overlooked the judge’s instructions. The judge immediately catches her making expressions in the back.

«You can leave, too,» the judge tells Donna Kosal. «Because if you don’t know how to act, you can end up in jail.»

Donna Kosal, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with simply leaving the courtroom. Instead, on her way out, she began screaming and making a commotion, “further interfering with proceedings,” as Judge Lillard later stated. On the other side, the judge had had enough.

Donna Kosal is summoned back into the courtroom, arrested for criminal contempt, and sentenced to 93 days in prison.
«Would anyone else like to come?» «Try it,» she advises the group.

Since it was posted, the video has been viewed over 25 million times.
On the video, the following comments were made:

«What makes people assume they can behave like that in a courtroom?» «She couldn’t have assumed there’d be no consequences.»

«Did she honestly imagine she could lash out at a JUDGE without consequences?» She’d obviously forgotten where she was. IDIOT.”

«May God bless these two victims’ families.» I’m delighted this judge stood up for them so strongly. «I hope this helps you relax.»

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In court, the drunk driver’s mother mocks the victim’s relatives. Everyone was taken aback by the judge’s remark.
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