In the ICU, a dying man marries his 74-year-old sweetheart, then dies two days later.

A cancer patient marries in a hospital at the age of 75 after reconnecting with his ex-wife and rekindling their love.

Eddie and Patty were high school sweethearts when they married in the 1970s. But after only a year, the couple couldn’t make their marriage work and divorced. They moved on with their lives and didn’t see each other much until about five years ago.

That’s when Patty decided to send her ex-husband a birthday card. “Happy birthday to my favorite ex-husband,” she wrote on Facebook. Following that, the two decided to meet for dinner and quickly fell back in love!
Eddie died two days after their wedding ceremony. He was able to spend his final days with his beloved wife and was surrounded by family when he died, which was a blessing. May God be with Eddie’s family during this difficult time.

Cancer patient marries sweetheart from the 1970s in the hospital
Eddie was diagnosed with cancer a few years later in October 2021. After receiving COVID-19, he developed pneumonia and was admitted to the ICU. While Eddie’s health was deteriorating, he wanted to make the most of the time he had left. Patty agreed to marry him again and make him the luckiest man on the planet.

The couple was able to have a special ceremony and recommit their lives to one another thanks to the hospital staff who decorated Eddie’s room with artificial flowers and wrote “Just Married” on the wall.

“We hope Eddie and Patricia had an unforgettable experience today,” said Julie Taylor, CEO of MountainView Hospital, where Eddie was staying. “This is proof that love triumphs, that people are stronger together, and that there are joyful moments in the midst of adversity.” It was a pleasure to join them in their celebration and share in their joy.”

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In the ICU, a dying man marries his 74-year-old sweetheart, then dies two days later.
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