In these heartfelt videos, soldiers returning home surprise their loved ones.

This nine-minute TikTok compilation depicts various service members returning home. Many of them sneak up on their loved ones in an effort to surprise them, but every reunion is full of heartwarming moments that are sure to make you smile.

A family is eating dinner in the first clip. The reactions of the people at the table indicated that they already knew this young female soldier was returning. One woman points to the corner of the room while looking at the soldier.

It was most likely the soldier’s mother she was pointing at. The soldier approaches the woman quietly, slaps her buttocks, then steps back, smiles, and says, “hey.”

She turns around, looks at the soldier for a second, and then begins to freak out. She’s clearly overjoyed that this solder has returned, as she screams, throws her hands around, smiles, and laughs.

Both women embrace for a long time before the father appears to greet his daughter. The reunion scene is simply adorable, with everyone smiling and laughing merrily.

The following clip is set in a hallway, and we see a soldier walking down it. A woman dressed in scrubs walks out of the doorway into the hall and toward the camera.

The soldier begins to follow the lady in scrubs after she has taken a few steps down the hall. She can’t quite sneak up on the woman before she notices her.

After being apprehended, the soldier simply says “hi” before the two share a joyful and loving embrace. This adorable moment is only one of many in this video. If you enjoy seeing happy reunions and soldiers returning home, you should watch the entire video: it’s simply incredible. Soldiers, welcome home!

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In these heartfelt videos, soldiers returning home surprise their loved ones.
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