In Walmart, two strangers perform a beautiful duet.

A well-known American retail establishment is always full of surprises that are not scripted and are provided by its customers. Would you like to know what happened?

Unsuspecting Cassandra Turner Nelson was strolling along a grocery aisle in a Walmart Supercenter in Alpharetta, Georgia, United States. She was humming to herself and hadn’t realized it.

Donnell Cross passed by and overheard her humming and struck up a chat with her. A dialogue that will spark an unexpected incident.

“Do you know ‘If This World Were Mine,'” Donnell inquired, before beginning to perform the song’s lyrics.

Cassandra didn’t back down and joined him in the harmony. Donnell then gave her the opportunity to continue and urged her to use her amazing voice.

They were soon joined in a beautiful and passionate duet. Walmart customers paused to listen to the two complete strangers’ one-of-a-kind musical jam.

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In Walmart, two strangers perform a beautiful duet.
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