Kids Choir’s Original Song For Parents Serving In The Army Moves Judges to Tears

You don’t see a talent show judge visit competitors every day; they need to be exceptionally good for that to happen. The Voices of Armed Forces Children Choir startled Britain’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell with a surprise visit, and they made a commitment to give their best effort in their audition.

In the Gospels, we come to know of the soft spot that God has for children, and we can’t help but feel love for these talented and amazing kids whose parents are serving in the armed forces. Today they are going to sing an original song that was written by one of their members and was dedicated to their parents serving in the Armed Forces.

The fact that they don’t see their dad or mom each day or call them when they are in trouble or depressed tells us volumes of how brave these young ones are. The judges and audience couldn’t stop shedding a tear when all the young ones started singing the song they wrote for their parents.

The children impressed judge David Walliams so much that he called their performance “very very special.” Judge Amanda Holden said she “fell apart” when the photographs of the kids along with family members who serve in the Armed Forces were being displayed.

All four judges voted in favor of them and gave them yeses that put them through the next round of BGT. Praise the Lord. These amazing children deserved to win because their audition was beautifully done. It makes us so happy to see them go through to the next round today.

We all need to have the innocence and sweetness of children to be able to please our God, and we just love the fact these wonderful kids came to Britain’s Got Talent and won everybody over with their beautiful voices and resilient spirits.

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Kids Choir’s Original Song For Parents Serving In The Army Moves Judges to Tears
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