Mike E. Winfield makes AGT burst out laughing.

As the talented stand-up comic made his way onstage during his audition on America’s Got Talent, Mike E. Winfield quickly won the hearts of both audiences and judges. Each step in front of the judges is a learning experience.

Responding quickly to the judge Mike E. Winfield would respond to Sofia Vergara’s question about his age with “I’m like 20s and 30s and stuff,” causing the Modern Family star to burst out laughing. He has quickly cemented his place in the hearts of Americans.

The Baltimore native would reveal that he had been performing his stand-up comedy routine for the past 15 years, retelling the story of his first performance, where Mike E. Winfield would indicate that he had frozen during his first performance.

“How come they won’t fire you if you hate your job?” As Mike E. Winfield would drop into his routine with an assortment of jokes featuring his former job, the entire audience at the show’s live showing burst into tears.

Continuing his routine, it was revealed that the job he had quit was at a local grocery store, where the comic would be stationed at the end of the self-checkout lane. Mike W. Winfield would refer to this as the “steal department.”

Mike E. Winfield would retell an assortment of stories featuring shoppers stealing from the store. One, in particular, he would burst into laughter as he revealed a shopper creating beeps with his mouth for items that shouldn’t be rung up featuring a beep.

Following a standing ovation, the judges would throw compliment after compliment toward Mike E. Winfield, with judge Heidi Klum calling his face “cute” before all four judges would send him through to the next round.

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Mike E. Winfield makes AGT burst out laughing.
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