On ‘AGT,’ a high-jumping dance crew defies gravity.

One of the longest-running shows is America’s Got Talent. It has been an excellent platform for dancers and musicians to showcase their talents. A Filipino dance crew of 17 members recently performed brilliantly on stage during the 17th season of AGT.

Urbancrew, also known as the Flyers of the South, was a very athletic dance team. Several creative flips and crisp acrobatic tricks were incorporated into this Filipino team’s AGT audition performance.

“Why AGT?” Simon inquired of the contestants. “Because this is the biggest stage and we believe, as Filipinos, it could be a significant contribution for our beloved country,” said an Urbancrew spokesperson.

“Do you think you can win?” he asked the next question. “Yes, we do,” the team spokesperson replied. Because we worked very hard for this. Because this is an opportunity of a lifetime.”

The dancers defied gravity, and any onlooker would get goosebumps watching them perform. They twisted and flipped their way into the hearts of the judges. Heidi and Sofia couldn’t believe what was going on.

Simon Cowell looked impressed by the performance of the Filipino dance crew. However, the most impressive part of their performance was their timing. The act was a bit dangerous as the flips and the moves needed to be perfectly timed.

If anyone was late, even by a few seconds, it could have meant pulling down the whole group. That said, this group would go at least to the live show, depending on how the audience would vote.

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On ‘AGT,’ a high-jumping dance crew defies gravity.
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