On The X-Factor, a woman demonstrates her musical prowess by singing a Whitney Houston song.

American Idol, The Voice, and X-Factor are among the popular reality series on television. Every other day, a reality program draws the public’s attention due to an outstanding performance by one of its contestants. Season 8 of The X Factor is an amazing example.

Samantha Brookes, a barmaid from North Wales, demonstrated her singing prowess on stage on the X-Factor. Backstage before her performance, she introduced herself and her occupation to the audience.

Brookes chose to work as a barmaid because of the positive atmosphere and good tips, but one of her greatest ambitions is to become a singer. So she took the stage, promptly introduced herself to the judges, and won them over with her cheery demeanor.

However, things got out of hand on the X-Factor platform when she went on a talking binge without even revealing her identity! She was then asked if she desired fame, riches, or men from the show. Everyone burst out laughing when she answered men, or more precisely, one of the judges.

Brooke continued with her actual audition despite all of the commotion. She began singing Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time,” a difficult song. Despite her fear, her confident and firm voice left the audience spellbound.

Even though the song became more difficult to sing with higher notes, she nailed it. The audience gave her a well-deserved standing ovation near the end of the song.

The judges were surprised by her outstanding performance and gave her four yeses immediately. They couldn’t believe that she kept her talent away from the spotlight for so long. But, Brooke shared that she wanted to but couldn’t due to her body-related insecurities. However, Judge Kelly Rowland made her feel positive with her uplifting comments!

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On The X-Factor, a woman demonstrates her musical prowess by singing a Whitney Houston song.
When he first appeared on stage, the judges laughed, but his distinct voice soon had everyone cheering.