On ‘Ukraine’s Got Talent,’ Sofia Skidchenko dazzles the audience with her yodeling.

Sofia Shkidchenko, a fantastic young vocalist, performs in the cartoon “Acquired talent of Ukraine.” The judge began by asking Sofia if she considered herself a celebrity. He answered the question positively, saying yes. “How modest of you!” He responded. Sofia began to say that she has a special talent for iodine that not everyone has.

According to the video of Sofia’s interview, she has been singing and using iodine since she was five years old. Her mother stated in front of the camera that she was Sofia’s videographer and that they both enjoyed working together.

Sofia’s previous video was a fun and scary video in which she performed the hit song “What Does The Fox Say?” His mother recorded the video and uploaded it to YouTube.

Sofia will be back on stage in front of the judges and the audience the following time. When the upbeat song started, Sofia smiled and began to move with a few choreographed dance steps. She dresses in plain iodine clothes with plaid pants and a pork tail in her hair.

The audience erupted in applause, and the judges smiled. Sofya says that part, and by the end of her expression, she has iodine. He was able to precisely execute the reef. When he arrived at the choir, his yodeling was very high, and everyone was taken aback. The judges exchanged astonished glances.

The iodine became stronger as the song progressed. The song’s tempo increased, and Sophia easily followed along. Finally, he hit a high note and executed the poses. Those present immediately stood up and sang songs of thanks.

He was told by the zealous judge. It came out great! According to another judge. “It appears that I have relocated to the Alps.” Sofia smiled at everyone, and the audience continued to applaud and welcome her unique talent!

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On ‘Ukraine’s Got Talent,’ Sofia Skidchenko dazzles the audience with her yodeling.
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