Parents discussed how they deal with the quadruplets. Happy moments in the midst of a difficult daily routine

Happiness divided by four.

The unusual quadruplets have grown up; the sisters, who resemble each other like water droplets, spent New Year’s Eve with their parents, and the decorated Christmas tree became an incentive for them to learn to crawl faster.

How young parents deal with fidgets is discussed further below.

We previously reported that in March of last year, unique quadruplets were born in the Ukrainian city of Kropyvnytskyi.

The fact that these are identical twins makes this case unique; the chances of having such children are 1 in 13 million, and only 70 such cases are known in the world.

These four-year-old twins can now stand on their own, crawl, have 5-6 teeth, and have never given their parents enough sleep.

At the fourth month of their pregnancy, the couple learned that they would have four children.

The first three babies were discovered via ultrasound, followed by the fourth after some time.

The girls requested that they be born in the 32nd week of their pregnancy.

Each weighed about two kilograms and stood 42-43 centimeters tall at the time.

Although the sisters are identical, their parents can tell them apart because each has its own personality and even voice.

The most difficult part is going for a walk together.

The family lives on the fourth floor in a rented apartment; there is no elevator in the house.

“Someone needs to stand at the top, someone needs to take the girls down, and someone needs to meet and be with them at the bottom,” mom says.

Babies grow restless, and when a Christmas tree appeared in the house, they completely lost their peace, and even learned to crawl for her sake.

The local authorities gave the family a certificate for their own housing in an unfinished house, and it is not known when it will be handed over.

Parents’ dream is to get enough sleep and have their daughters healthy.

And doctors say that everything is fine with the babies, even though they were born prematurely, they have caught up with their peers in development and will soon be stomping at full speed.

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Parents discussed how they deal with the quadruplets. Happy moments in the midst of a difficult daily routine
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