Sailor spends 25 hours in the air to surprise his mother for Christmas.

Florida’s Clearwater A month of preparation, four flights, a two-hour drive, and the significant event of December 30th stood between Isaac Wells and it. I had the idea that your gift would arrive between twenty-nine and one, he remarked. Since joining the Navy three years ago, Isaac has only occasionally seen his mother Kara Spaulding. So as a Christmas present, he showed up at her preferred Clearwater restaurant, where she mistakenly believed she was meeting her boss. He told ABC Action News that he collaborated with Aya Healthcare, his mother’s employment agency, to help pull off the surprise.

Soon after entering the restaurant, Kara hugged the “gift” that was wrapped in camouflage. The audience erupted in cheers. “I believed he had purchased me another PlayStation. Because he did that the last time he returned home. Because he believes my mother plays video games,” spat Spaulding. It comes as a surprise to both of them during this time of transition. At Miz Rural Hospital, Kara works long hours in the operating room. She relocated for work from Texas to the Tampa Bay region in October.

“I have never spent as much time away from my family as I am doing now. It’s a big opportunity and a big journey, and I’m loving every second of it, she said. Currently, Isaac is in Japan. Being apart from my family was one of the hardest things for me because, as Wells chuckled, “I’ve always been a sissy.” Both of them promise to make the most of this visit before Isaac leaves for Asia on January 6. The following vacation period, which will likely occur around the same time next year, will likely be when I get my next break.

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Sailor spends 25 hours in the air to surprise his mother for Christmas.
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