Skylar Blu, 7, astounds with her dance performance.

Skylar Blu, 7 years old, made her Britain’s Got Talent debut thanks to a surprise visit from judge Alesha Dixon. She surprised the young performer by telling her that she could audition for the show this year.

Young Skylar Blu showcased her riveting and awe-inspiring performance as the spotlights blurred reality and fantasy, keeping audiences glued for each jump, skip, and twirl.

The significance of such a stunning dance number was not lost on the audience. Cheers and clapping could be heard throughout Skylar Blu’s well-practiced dance performance.

As her performance came to a close, the cloud of the judges’ approval hung heavy over the stage, and Skylar Blu watched on with bated breath as Simon Cowell quickly declared the performance “incredible.”

David Walliams would continue Cowell’s sentiment with, “you’re this good at 7, my goodness mate, please don’t forget us when you’re world-famous,” causing a flurry of emotion throughout the theatre.

As cheers continued, a smile would form over young Skylar Blu’s face as she took in every second of the glowing atmosphere around her. Kicking off the train of yeses would be the talented judge that brought the young dancer to the stage, Alesha Dixon, which would be followed by 3 more yeses from Simon Cowell, David Walliams, and Amanda Holden.

Holding back tears, young Skylar would bid an adorable “thank you” to the judges as Simon Cowell would flash his famous thumbs-up gesture cementing a fantastic performance that will no doubt fuel Skylar Blu’s future dance numbers.

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Skylar Blu, 7, astounds with her dance performance.
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