The adorable ‘cupid’ dance of a tiny ballerina steals hearts.

Prepare to see ten-foot-tall talent crammed into a three-foot-tall package. When she’s on stage, this 6-year-old is a titan in a tutu.

Natasha Furman was only six years old at the time of this performance. You’ll agree after seeing her dance that her talent is years ahead.

As one person pointed out, many girls start ballet at a young age, but few reach Natasha’s level. We’re inclined to concur.

You can’t help but notice that Natasha’s performance is more than just technique and routine. Every step has a spark of life, as she has put her heart and soul into this dance.

This continues when she is finally finished and leans against her mother, breathing heavily. It wasn’t just a physical effort. On the stage, that was raw passion at work.

Even more precious is the expression on her face when the judges award her high marks for her performance. They could clearly see how much effort she put into her dancing.

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The adorable ‘cupid’ dance of a tiny ballerina steals hearts.
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