The best birthday present I’ve ever received. What prompted this man to cry?

Jay’s family knew how to make his birthday truly memorable and magical.

Jay celebrated his birthday with his loving family.

He was given a slew of gifts, and the man opened the boxes with a gleam in his eyes and a strong desire to obtain something extremely valuable and useful.

Jay accepted the next gift, a white rectangular box with a silver bow. He was very curious about what was hidden beneath such a lovely package.

A small postcard was hidden beneath the silver bow.

Kind words and well wishes were most likely written there. He then opened the box, ripped open the colorful packaging, and discovered the sealed envelope inside.

The man was piqued.

There were some mysterious papers inside the envelope.

Jay took them out and began reading the first few lines… and burst out crying

This strong man broke down in tears like a child!

On his birthday, Jay received the most precious gift.

These were the papers for his beloved non-native daughter’s adoption.

All the paperwork was completed; all that remained was Jay’s signature.

According to his wife, the papers could be submitted the next day with Jay’s signature.

Jay couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

He was on the ninth cloud of joy.

He sobbed as he hugged his daughter, not wanting to let her go for a long time.

“I have two dreams. The first is you to officially become my daughter, the second is to see you get married, ” the tearful man told his daughter.

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The best birthday present I’ve ever received. What prompted this man to cry?
The girl was one of the most beautiful girls when she was a child, and she has grown up to be even more beautiful.