The contestant’s powerful and beautiful voice impresses the judges… 🎥VIDEO

Angela Fabian is a name to remember. After watching her audition for The Voice Australia, you’re probably still looking for her music on the internet. Fabian is an Omaha, Nebraska-born jazz, soul, and blues singer. She began singing in church when she was twelve years old. Her singing voice is said to be sent from above. Here she is performing a stirring rendition of “Amazing Grace.”

Angela’s powerful voice captivated the coaches and spectators to the point where they couldn’t stop cheering her on while the rest of the audience was spinning in their seats. For six years, this soulful siren worked for the United Nations. Fabian visited and spoke with troops in Iceland, Germany, Somalia, Egypt, Honduras, and Japan. This means that her incredible voice has been heard by millions of people all over the world.

And it’s likely that the locals had no idea who she was. This audition took place in 2020, but it is still as amazing today as it was two years ago. Angela Fabian has opened for Miles Davis, Shirley Brown, Jonathan Butler, and Salt n Pepper, so she isn’t nervous about this audition, and it shows.

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The contestant’s powerful and beautiful voice impresses the judges… 🎥VIDEO
The twins are having a good time. Their laughter is contagious.