The judges of American Idol invite Cole Hallman to sing with his sister, and it’s a touching moment.

If Cole Hallman, 22, singing with his sister during his American Idol audition doesn’t get you in the “feels,” nothing will! This young man has a lovely soul!

The 8-minute video walks you through the three main stages of Cole’s audition process, and it will leave you hoping he stays for a long time!

Before his audition, we meet Cole Hallman, 22, his mother, Nicolle, and his sister, Katie. Cole is a recent college graduate from New Jersey. He mentions the 4th-grade class where he just finished his student teaching. Cole should be commended for pursuing a career in education; elementary schools need more men in the field.

They meet Ryan Seacrest, and Cole reveals that Miss Katie is not only his biggest fan, but also his harshest critic. Katie, who has a chromosomal deletion, has developmental delays and behavioral issues, but she is happy when she is with her brother.

Cole admits that he is nervous and feels insecure. He admits to having gotten a late start in his musical endeavors, having only picked up a guitar about five years ago. And he wonders if he belongs with some of the competitors who appear more experienced and at ease.

Katie enjoys singing with Cole, so the two sing a song together to calm him down. Their favorite song is The Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Then it’s off to the judges’ chambers.

Katie Perry initiates a conversation with Cole Hallman. But it is Lionel Richie who assures Cole that he is not alone in his feelings of inadequacy. According to the former Commodore, they’ve all experienced the dreaded imposter syndrome.

When Cole starts singing and picking, the song of choice is Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Lodi.”

However, before they do so, they invite Cole’s family to share the occasion. Katie hugs her brother, and Mom tells him that they could hear him and that he sounded great. Her proudest moment, however, is yet to come.

Judge Katie invites Cole Hallman and his sister to perform their favorite duet for them. Luke Bryan maintains the same semi-surly expression, but it is clear within seconds that he and his fellow judges are enjoying this performance even more than Cole’s first.

Mom watches from the sidelines, and we can all imagine how happy and proud she must be to see her very talented son demonstrate such a kind, humble, and giving spirit.

Cole is sharing this pivotal moment in his life with his sister; he is celebrating with her! And it is indeed a celebration, because the panel unanimously votes to send Cole to Hollywood!

Cole is getting into old songs! Another reason to root for this contestant! While Luke Bryan’s expression is difficult to read during the performance, he speaks first and tells Cole that he has a “authentic voice.” Katie describes Cole’s performance as “raw” and “passionate,” and all three judges are ready to make a decision.

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The judges of American Idol invite Cole Hallman to sing with his sister, and it’s a touching moment.
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