The most amazing military auditions that will leave you speechless

Talent shows are known for unearthing the best-undiscovered talent. The best military auditions from The Voice, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and Britain’s Got Talent are included in this top ten list.

Landon Knowlton made an impression on American Idol even before he sang for the judges. He used his Sergeant Major voice to command them to do push-ups. They voted him through after hearing him sing.

Crissy Ashcroft auditioned for The Voice Australia with the song “When the War Is Over,” which she wrote in memory of her time-fighting in Afghanistan. When one of the coaches chooses her, she bursts into tears.

Richard Jones wowed the judges on Britain’s Got Talent with his magic act, which left them wondering how he did it. Colin Thackery also performed a moving tribute to his late wife.

The majority of the military, however, is drawn to America’s Got Talent. To the delight of the audience, Paul Leti and Robert Finley sing their hearts out. After suffering war injuries, Sal Gonzalez and Tim Poe also demonstrate their musical abilities.

Two other military acts from America’s Got Talent made the top 10 list. Voices of Service, a quartet, sang a stirring song while In The Stairwell gave an epic boy band performance.

Members of the military have so much to give. This compilation proves that they not only put their heart and soul into serving their country but also into staying true to themselves.

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The most amazing military auditions that will leave you speechless
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