The mother of four wanted another child, but the ultrasound revealed a surprise.

Despite the fact that Mary McCandlish, 34, is the mother of four children ranging in age from six to sixteen, she chose the “last child.”

Both her family and doctors were taken aback by the outcome of her pregnancy.

Everyone was surprised by what Mary, her husband, and the doctor saw on ultrasound in the middle of her pregnancy.

Three babies were clearly visible on the monitor picture.

Doctors consider this case extremely rare, as only one woman in every 160 can naturally conceive triplets.

Most achieve such results through IVF.

First and foremost, the doctors and the expectant mother were concerned about Mary’s short stature of 155cm.

Doctors say such a petite frame would preclude carrying babies for up to 9 months.

To avoid complications, she was scheduled for a caesarean section in the seventh month of her pregnancy.

The Scottish family had four children at the time of the fifth pregnancy: 16-year-old Peter, 15-year-old Emily, 13-year-old Katrina, and 6-year-old James.

All of the children were overjoyed to learn about the triplets and were eagerly anticipating their arrival.

The news was received not only with joy, but also with great excitement by the couple at the time.

According to Mary, the expectation of so many children brings with it a lot of worries.

Babies at birth weighed from 450 to 1300 g, which indicated a significant shortage of weight.

Two weeks later, the doctors promised Mary to discharge the babies for the Christmas holidays.

The promise was kept.

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The mother of four wanted another child, but the ultrasound revealed a surprise.
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